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I will not waver in the defense of foundational American principles and the commitment to limited government under the Constitution. I will promote policies that are consistent with free enterprise, individual responsibility and traditional morality. My constituents will always know that I stand firm in the protection of innocent life and will fight to preserve our rights that are under attack, including the rights to keep and bear arms and the free exercise of our religion.

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Political freedom cannot be separated from economic freedom and the ability to improve our station in life through learning and hard work. Burdensome taxes limit our ability to pursue our callings to serve others and provide for our families. Make no mistake, the Commonwealth must levy taxes to provide for the core functions for which it is lawfully obligated, but the primary role of any government is to allow for a system of ordered liberty under the rule of law. I recognize that taxes come from real people, and thus will stand always on the side of the individual taxpayer against a growing and encroaching government bureaucracy.


When governments collect money from citizens through taxation, those governments have a responsibility to appropriate those funds efficiently and responsibly. This requires the exercise of prudence by those in leadership and the implementation of policies which provide for the public safety and include incentives for responsible behavior. When politicians seek to convince us of their own generosity by insisting upon the redistribution of other people’s money, I will not be afraid to refuse them. Instead, I will continue to vote for the responsible appropriation of state funds.


I remain committed to improving the Commonwealth’s economic climate for small business. Recognizing that governments do not create private sector jobs, I will continue to sponsor measures that increase competitiveness for our businesses in Southside Virginia and allow our economy to grow. Likewise, I will continue to support legislation to reduce excessive regulations which unduly limit entrepreneurial success, while actively recruiting new employers to our region.

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The Constitution of Virginia requires that the General Assembly provide for a system of public education that is of high quality. We know that by meeting this obligation we position our children, and our community, for greater future success. To do this, I believe that decisions regarding a child’s education are best addressed by parents and their localities, which should enjoy more options and flexibility. I will continue to support improvements to how we assess achievement under the Standards of Learning and provide more avenues for students to learn. With regard to higher education, I will continue to vote for measures that reduce tuition costs and remain a servant to the needs of our local institutions.

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