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Our Values

I’ll stand up for the values that make our nation and our Commonwealth great. The citizens of the 16th House District will always know that I stand firm on my commitment to protect life and defend the 2nd Amendment. My commitment to our Constitution and founding principles will not waver.


I believe that freedom involves the freedom to work as hard as you want and be able to reap the rewards of your work. Simply put, the more money that politicians take out of your pocket, the less freedom that you have. Make no mistake, government must levy taxes to provide for core government functions, but the role of government should be to maximize our personal freedom, while also having the means to protect that freedom. As your Delegate, I’ll always remember that taxes come from real people, and the citizens of the 16th House District can count on me to stand up for the taxpayer first against a growing and encroaching government.


When government takes money from its citizens through taxation, that government has a responsibility to be as frugal and efficient with that money as possible. I believe that it is the duty of every public official to be prudent and wise with every dollar that comes from the pocket of a hard-working taxpayer. In a time where government budgets have ballooned, I’ll work to reduce government spending, while also ensuring that state government spends your dollars more efficiently.

Jobs and the Economy

Our economy has suffered under increasing taxes, more government spending, and additional government regulations. To revive our economy we need to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit and reduce burdens on our job creators. I believe that government doesn’t create jobs; hard-working Americans create jobs. As your state Delegate, I’ll fight to make it easier for local businesses to grow, and I’ll actively recruit new employers to our area.


Educating the next generation of young men and women should be a high priority for all Virginians. Unfortunately, too often state government gets in the way of a high-quality education. As your Delegate I’ll push to give parents and localities more control over our children’s education. Ensuring that each child has access to a high-quality education is instrumental to our future.

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